Who We Are

HR Consulting for small business

We work with small businesses between 10-100 people. Perhaps you have grown exponentially and have been focused on growth and feel the need to invest more time and effort into your people and culture but don’t have a dedicated resource. Perhaps you are feeling underconfident about what you need to be considering. Perhaps you are thinking you may sell the business in the future and need to professionalise your HR function. Whatever your situation we can help you to maximise the performance of your people and make the entire employee experience a positive one. We will audit your organisation and offer advice and solutions on what you need to consider throughout the employee lifecycle. This may include helping you answer questions such as:

– How do we retain our existing people?
– How are we recruiting and onboarding our people?
– What are we doing to develop and grow our people?
– Do we have all the necessary policies and procedures in place?
– What is the culture of our business? Are we happy with this? What could we do to maintain, enhance or change it?
– How are we growing the leadership skills of our people?
– What are our risk factors and how do we address them?

Once we fully understand your business, we can work with you to achieve your HR goals and equip you with the skills and confidence to manage and lead your people with the right people.



Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

In today’s world, organisations should consider diversity & inclusion. More and more the pressure is there to do so. Apart from it making good business sense and the law in most countries demanding it, the rewards far outweigh the decision not to the rewards in terms of bottom line are multiple. We have worked with many big name companies globally on their diversity and inclusion programme and strategy. Each organisation is different in what it needs. Here are a few examples:

– A diversity & Inclusion audit to understand what is needed
– A diversity & Inclusion programme to equip leaders and their teams with the language and confidence to work in and encourage a diverse landscape and culture. This may include an introduction to diversity & inclusions and an unconscious bias programme.
– How to maximise the strength of diversity
– How to create an inclusive culture
– Incorporating diversity & inclusion into policies and procedures.


Intune Consulting offers two clear HR services

HR Consulting

Diversity and conclusion consulting

We work collaboratively with your senior team to understand your business and culture, your vision and goals and align your HR goals to this. We believe in open and frank discussions to maximise the benefit of our services.

Each organisation is different in the way we work with you. We have three fee options:
  • A competitive daily rate: This works for learning and development events or where there is a fee arrangement but you decide you need additional services over and above that agreed. It is also a good way for you to track expenditure.
  • A retainer: We both agree there is a significant amount of work required and it is more cost effective for you to pay a set monthly fee for a set number of months for the work to be done. It means less invoices, less hassle on both sides and more output.
  • An agreed fee for a specific piece of work: This works for example if you want an onboarding programme developed; or a learning and development event developed.
  • We will always openly discuss fees with you and agree the fee structure that makes most sense and that you are most comfortable with.








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